80 Stories From The 80s

Story 1: Snow

Living in Pennsylvania was something to behold. When it snowed, it truly became a winter wonderland!  The snow was pure and white and gently blanketed the ground and precariously lay on the tree branches. 

The beauty that mother nature had provided was magical and calming.  As I was standing there admiring the calming scene, A voice rang out. “Time to shovel!”  my mother called.  Poof.  the serenity was gone now in those 3 words.  I grabbed my coat, hat, and gloves and went to work.

This is where the “fun” started. The shovel was missing from the garage! Someone had moved it. What was mother nature taunting me?  I decided to go in for my walkman as I could tell this was going to be a while.  Searchin through my music, I decided on “The Tide Is High” by Blondie.  After loading in the tape, I was ready to go!  

Heading out for the second time my mother asked “What have you been doing?”  I explained the issue with the shovel and she shot me the nasty, disapproving look only a mother can give.  “Did you check the back porch? I think you used it there last week” OMG, I thought.  I can not let her see me drag the shovel through the house! I peered, inconspicuously, through the backdoor, where I could just see the tip of the shovel.  I replied with “ I think I know where it is!”  and walked out the front door.  It was cold, flurrying, and there were 2 feet of snow on the ground.  At this point, I realized there was only one thing to do.  I stealthily made my way around the house, stealthily as possible io 2 feet of snow, that is.  The shove was almost in my grasp! I had to be careful to disturb the snow as little as possible or the result would sure consist of ridicule for years to come.  But that’s another story.  I worked my way to the front of the house.  Mom was nowhere in sight. I began to shovel, in my wet shoes now. It would probably take me 90 minutes or more to finish so I decided to pace myself.  The biting cold and my wet feet were seriously impacting me now but I pressed on. The driveway was now done, but the walk remained.  I was pretty exhausted at this point and needed a break. Thrusting the shovel into the snow walked with confidence toward the house.  Just as I started, mom peered out the window. It was made clear without any spoken word that was no way for me to come in until the job was done. I walked back towards the shovel.  Still, slightly out of breath, I decided to wait a couple of minutes to resume.  That’s when I saw the light.  The light in my parent’s bathroom that is.  Let’s stop and think about the bathroom for a moment.  It was a small bathroom off of the master bedroom, and it faced the street.  As the light went on, I could see dad and the institutional green bathroom walls.  So as any teenage boy would do, I threw a snowball at the window.  As the snow was soft, it didn’t break the window but left a splotch on it.  I did it again. Now, dad was a very calm and patient man.  Usually, but not this time. He stood at the window and shook his finger at me saying something I couldn’t understand due to the closed window.  In my mind, there was only one thing to do.  I threw another snowball. Dad was now intensely shaking his finger at me.  So I threw another snowball. Now with his arms waving and I presume he was yelling as well, I decided to stop as mom would soon be trying to figure this out.  I finished the walk and headed towards the house. Once inside, I took off my shoes and socks and headed to the kitchen for hot chocolate.  Both mom and dad were in there and smiling. This was very odd given the circumstances I thought, but hey, I thought I would just go with the flow.  At this point, dad explained that he was worried I was going to break the window, which I didn’t. Now mom,  looked at me and told me to put something on my bare feet. 

I went upstairs and put on my slippers, and went back down.  Returning to the kitchen, I was greeted with a question. Did you forget something outside? I stood there for a moment thinking what I could’ve forgotten.  The shovel was on the front porch, not the garage. Was that it? My well-thought reply was “It may snow again tonight so I left the shovel on the porch”.  “That’s not it,” mom said.  “Go look again.” I walked back to the window and saw nothing.  I walked into the kitchen and said “ Am I missing something obvious? I really can’t see anything”.  “Oh you missed it alright.” mom said.  I turned to glance out the window.  “Here, let me show you,” mom said.  As I turned to say ”ok, show me”.  But that never came out.  I “OK s…”  out just slightly before being smacked in the head with 2 snowballs.  As dad stood there laughing, mom chimed in “You forgot to treat your parents better.  Lesson learned I thought, but I just couldn’t say it.

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