Arcade Memories of the ’80s

Case 380000 – Odyssey Land Montgomeryville PA

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the arcades I visited when they were in their heyday. I remember all the games, the neon, the loud music. It was awesome! As I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia PA, there were arcades popping and disappearing all the time. I worked in Montgomeryville, not too far from the mall in the 80s. There was Spaceport in the mall, and then there was “Odyssey Land”. Odyssey Land was the stereotypical 80s arcade in every way. There were 80’s people of all types, rockin’ music, dim lighting, and, of course, a wide variety of games. I spent lots of time and money there and loved it. As the memories came flooding back, I wondered if there were any pictures to be found of this cherished memory. The search was on. But where to start?

Well, sure there was Google. From there I could find some shots of the interior, but where could I get more information? I didn’t even really know the exact address! I felt as though I had hit a dead end. I searched and searched but was not finding much until I hit an old post on the AtariAge website. Apparently, there was an ancient write-up from a website that seems a little fishy now. Another setback. But I was not ready to give up on this quest! I had a basic idea of where it was, but that did not appear to be enough. Until I found the needle in the haystack. I uncovered a list of known arcades as of 1991. I was shocked! I found the exact address!


Progress was being made, but I wasn’t done yet. I wanted a picture of the outside, as well as the inside. Sadly, I found that the building had been demolished a while ago. Then inspiration hit me. Did Google street view keep records of their old pictures somewhere? So I searched Google again. Success again! It was possible! So with an address and mouse in hand, I set out to see if there was ANY image at all of “Odyssey Land” at that address. I knew this was a long shot though, as Google did not capture Street View images until 2007. Still, I tried. Low and behold, I found it in a Sept. 2013 Google Street View. This may be one of the last images of the building before its demise.

Odyssey Land – The end of days

Am I done? I hope not. I would love to get pictures of Odyssey Land in its glory. There are a few more resources I can check, but I am not optimistic. Do you have any pictures of this 80s arcade you could share? Why not share some memories of Odyssey Land or other 80s memories?

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