C64 users are about to receive an amazing version of a 1980’s classic, Scramble Infinity!

There just wasn’t any way that the C64 could get any better, but looking at the latest update from Games That Weren’t, it has, indeed! Here’s a side-scrolling Shoot ’em up called Scramble Infinity for the C64. As far as we know, Mirage designed the graphics and code for the game and has now completed it after vanishing from the face of the Earth in 2009, when development was supposed to have begun.

Your task as a spaceship commander is to fly through caves, over cities, and dodge rocket fire and ufos while avoiding getting blown away. The question is, how does this game differ from other scramble games, including the 1981 version by Konami at the arcades? As some have stated already, it features incredible C64 detail, but as I’ve said, “Great Game, great gameplay, in my opinion, a Home Run!” and “10/10 of course! Awesome job!”.

As of this moment, this game isn’t available for download but according to Games That Weren’t, it has been included on the Zzap 2022 annual cover disk as part of a yearly Kickstarter campaign.

If you like this article, you may want to check this out on Amazon! 

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