We didn’t learn anything from the 80’s

The 80s (for me at least) was a time of wonder and enthusiasm, what with great movies, great concerts and so much more!

What seems readily apparent however, is that we have learned absolutely nothing from the 80’s. We had a huge wall street crash, and recovered. We had (and still have) the aids epidemic and now, we have the Covid – 19 (Corona) virus.

Did we learn how to identify the virus quickly? No. The 80’s should have been a warning signal about a virus can spread quickly and we should have had better plans in place. Now before you say I am pointing the finger in one direction, don’t make that assumption. From the 80’s forward, a minimum of 30 years, we have had time to prepare for this. But it seems we fell short.

Gone (for now) are the times of just hanging out, going to the movies or going to a concert. We now don’t do those things like we did in the 80’s. At the moment we live in isolation, in fear.

We had taken for granted the events on Wall Street in the 80’s. We again watched the DOW rise to all time highs thinking nothing could go wrong, just like we did in the 80’s.

As my girlfriend had to go to the store today, she most of the shelves empty. People are probably going without necessities, perhaps not to the despair, but they are.

We need to look back to the 80’s and look at the good, and bring it back. Remember USA for Africa? Band Aid? While I’m not saying we should all gather together, we should all come together, as a neighbor, as a community, a state, a country and dare I say it, the world.

So as I wrap this up, please find a way to make the life of someone a little less stressful. Call an old friend, your mother or neighbor. Lend a helping hand, remember, We Are the World.

Please, hare your feelings or comment on my post and share it. If not, well maybe you should re-read it.

The Cruel Rubiks Cube

For decades, it has stared at my with it’s cruel random patterns. Taunting me, mocking me. Many times have I tried to solve the mystery of the cube, only to end in disappointment.

If this sounds like you, or you just want to show off, the team at 80sWeb (That would be me) have searched for the easiest way to get your cube in order! There are many methods out there, and here is one that is trending (But does not work):

Why does/doesn’t this work?

Why it does work:
This video was meant to show that if you use the routine ON A SOLVED CUBE, it will return back to the solved state.

Why it does not work:
If you were to try this in a cube that has not been solved, it will not work as there will be set of blocks in the ewer right that do not move.


So what should you do? Well if you are desperate to solve the cube, without computer help, you should start here; https://rubiks-cube-solver.com/how-to-solve/

If want to solve it fast WITH computer help, go here: https://rubiks-cube-solver.com/

I hope this helps you as it has helped me! Please leave a comment with your experience!